The focus of my therapeutic assistance and counselling is based upon homeopathy with an emphasis on miasmatic homeopathy as developed by Rosina Sonnenschmidt.
With a detailed first consultation and anamnesis we begin to assess the origin of the ailment and find likely approaches to its resolution.
I work in a holistic manner to detoxify and heal the body, which means that in addition to traditional homeopathic remedies the chosen treatment may include both life style, and nutritional changes. On occasion exercises from Qi Gong may also be prescribed.

This holistic method is necessary to enable the commencement of the healing process when dealing with chronic sicknesses. Therefore, an important part of my approach is to give the client a proactive impetus and support in altering their life style in a new direction.

Homeopathy is a soft and effective alternative treatment and can be also recommended for babies, children, pregnant women and frail older people.