Treatment expiration
A homeopathic treatment begins with a first consultation called an anamnesis.
This is a conversation about the symptoms and ailments you are suffering.
Prior to the first consultation one completes the questionnaire and returns it to me.

Questionnaire for adults

Questionnaire for children
Homeopathy / Sch├╝├čler Mineral Salt Therapy

First Consultation for an adult: 180 euros
Follow-up consultations (0.5-1 hour): 50-80 euros

Initial consultation for children: 120 euros
Follow-up consultations (0.5-1 hour): 40-60 euros

Nutritional advice / detoxification: 80 Euro

Homeopathic Acute Treatment / Consultation 10 Euro
Depending on time / 10 min (telephone / mail)

Discounts are available upon request.

For a short non-committal preliminary talk I am very gladly available.